Vivo V21 has introduced some novel mobile technologies in the markets which are getting rave reviews from users. These handsets feature advanced internals to run various tasks like browsing, playing games, listening to music and even performing telephonic functions like conference calls. It is packed with features like high resolution camera, 4.2 inch multi-touch screen, text and multimedia messaging support, USB cable, headphone jack and fast cellular network access. The other exciting technology with this handset is that it has a built-in DPI so as to make the images look bright and sharp. This handset also comes with customizable face recognition options. vivo v21

Vivo V21 is equipped with various communication features like USB connectivity which supports data transfer rate of up to 5 Gbit/s and also features a USB port for charging the mobile phone as well. The phone comes with an eye-catching six mega-ixels camera which offers dual zoom imaging. It also comes with image stabilization and digital zoom and a two-tone flash system. The smartphone runs on a Gingerbread based operating system that guarantees smooth and fast performance.

A high definition camera with optical zoom and panning is provided in the Vivo V21 for enabling picture taking with better clarity. This smartphone has a powerful 1 GHz quad-core processor and also comes with Adreno type 940mah memory. The camera has been designed with image processing power that allows it to handle different intensive jobs and tasks. This helps to deliver excellent performance when it comes to taking pictures, viewing images and videos, editing and enjoying the entertainment features available in this smartphone.

A built in barcode scanner and a proximity sensor are the other two notable features provided by the Vivo V 21. Other than this, the phone comes with a secure lock screen which is used to provide extra security to the mobile device. It also features a vivid LED flashlight, an FM radio receiver, front camera with infrared, an integrated slot for RAM cards, a large expandable memory, an interface with USB connector, a touch screen, a memory card reader and a Finger printing kit. The connectivity options that can be found in the vivo v 21 include a Bluetooth interface for the wireless connectivity and a Wi-Fi network for the internet connectivity.

The Vivo V 21 is provided with Ocaa standby plus which is a high speed cellular network that offers unlimited talktime, 3G network access, and rapid data sharing with other peers in the office or in the group. There are no contract options in this case and users have the liberty to make calls from any location at any time. It has a total connectivity of around 450 feet with no fallback to CDMA or TDMA carrier. This also has the capability of connecting to the internet using EDGE.

One of the best features found in the Vivo V 21 is the front and rear camera dual lens configuration. This has been found to be one of the most advanced and unique features of the smartphone. The rear camera of the smartphone has a first image and a final image co-ordinated through a laser autofocus. This ensures that you get an instant result which is as accurate as you can get with any off-the-shelf digital camera. To add to this, the rear camera has a pixel of 8 megapixels.

The connectivity of the vivo v 21 does not end here. As already mentioned that the connectivity of this smartphone has been enhanced with the use of Ocaa standby plus along with data rates of up to 4 bars. This further enhances the data sharing capacity of the Vivo V 21 and lets you connect to your most valued clients without any hindrance. The funtouch os comes along with two more amazing features which are the fingerprint scanner and the smart band. This enables you to answer calls with ease, transfer files and even use the iris scanner like the iPhone.

On the subject of cameras, the funtouch os comes with two main cameras – the internal 8 mega-ixels iSight camera as well as the front and rear cameras of the smartphone which has been placed in such a way that the fingerprint reader does not face any obstruction. The second camera has an optical zoom which helps you to get a clear shot of things. You can also see in the software options menu which allows you to delete images. Apart from the above mentioned features of the smartphone, the Vivo V 21 has a few more features which have been found really helpful. The software is quite user friendly and you do not have to be a tech wizard to work with it.

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