Men in general love to date women and sometimes they get so get excited that they often make mistakes throughout the date. If you are hoping to have a great date, be sure to avoid these 10 mistakes that happen to be common complaints by most women.

1. Too Rehearsed

Never date with a script on hand even if you memorized it word for word. A perfect execution of rehearsed lines will still result to the woman finding out that you rehearsed those lines unless you are a really good actor. Concentrate more on the actions than words to avoid this mistake.

2. Too Much Staring

Men that date and try too hard not to rehearse lines end up staring instead. This is another mistake that really annoys women even if they don’t show that they are annoyed. Once again, try to keep the dating session interesting through actions.

3. Too Fidgety

Confidence is an absolute necessity when you want to date women without being too fidgety. Don’t just act as if you are not nervous, but eliminate it totally by focusing on positive elements and understand that you are dealing with another person that could be nervous as well. หี

4. Too Chivalrous

There are a lot of cool men that date knowing that women love chivalrous people. Some people take it overboard and just show that attitude too much. This turns you into a great actor which should be avoided.

5. Too Attentive

When you date, the woman you are dating will always be the main focus and the woman knows that so avoid showing how attentive you are too much because it could actually scare the individual instead.

6. Too Trusting

You should show that you are a trusting person. But that doesn’t mean that you have to show complete loyalty by taking every single word that she says. You should also react and show that you are interactive because it is simply what a girl likes.

7. Too Showy

Even if you avoid the previously 6 mistakes mentioned when you date women, you can also unknowingly find yourself showing off without giving small chances for the woman to react. Dates should never be one-sided.

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