If you’re looking to explore one of the European Union’s newer member states, why not book a Tallinn hotel room in Estonia? The country’s capital is steeped in history and boasts spectacular medieval and Gothic architecture that really catches the eye.

If you choose to use your hotel vouchers in Tallinn you’re sure not to be disappointed as the city offers the best of two worlds – a modern, thriving new town area and an old town filled with antique buildings. 성남룸싸롱

Built between the 12th and 16th centuries, the old town boasts a fantastically historical ambience as a result of its many works of architectural brilliance and features such as the mainly intact city wall, complete with guards’ towers.

Among the attractions you’re sure to want to visit is Toompea Castle, erected between 1227 and 1229. The structure has always been Estonia’s main seat of power and fittingly now houses the country’s parliament. Also in the area is the cannon tower Kiek in de Kok, which translates in English to peek inside the kitchen. The 38-metre high structure is so-called because the medieval guards joked they could see down the chimneys and into the kitchens of the houses underneath. The tower is also the entrance to a network of underground tunnels running under Toompea hill.

Close by is Hellemann Tower, which dates back to the 14th century when it was used as a weapons store and a prison. Now you’ll find an art gallery inside as well as the opportunity to walk along a 200-metre stretch of the city wall.

And for a relaxing break, why not explore the Danish King’s Garden? Sited on Toompea hill, the garden-like green area is said to be the birthplace of the Danish flag, as it is here that King Valdemar II of Denmark’s troops apparently saw the red and white flag float down from the skies.

If you’re hankering after more breathtaking buildings, you won’t want to miss the spectacular Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Built in 1900 with onion-shaped domes, the church is the capital’s most opulent Orthodox structure both inside and out, with the interior lavishly decorated with mosaics and religious icons.

Tallinn is full of grand sights to behold and you’re sure to want to return to explore the capital’s Old Town further, and that’s before you even travel further afield to the New Town

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