The new Oxygen OS 3.0 has been released, bringing along a host of new features and performance enhancements to the existing Oxygen OS 2.0. The new design of the Oxygen interface is a drastic departure from the old style which comprised of a lot of grey bars and menus on top of a light-on-bright system. Newer designs include a cleaner look, lighter colours and brighter icons. These changes have helped the OS to become more in line with what modern smartphone users expect from a smartphone and in keeping with recent trends in the smartphone market. The improvements to OxygenOS make it easier to use and navigate than previous versions of the operating system.

Apart from the new design of Oxygen OS, the second major feature that was introduced with the original Nokia OSA (Oxygen Service Provider) was the availability of unlocked smartphones from many different retailers across the world. The idea behind this was that users from different parts of the world could use the same OSA software platform and network in order to obtain free software and other perks that they may not be able to avail of if they had their handsets configured to an Indian SIM card carrier. The idea worked for a while, but with increasing demand, operators began blocking the usage of this feature on their phones. Since the company did not offer direct access to the Indian market, such a feature would not have made much of a difference anyway. However, since last few months, several retailers including Amazon have begun selling the unlocked version of the Nokia Oxygen S for a much cheaper price than the version that comes installed with the company’s OS. With this in mind, many users are wondering where they can get their hands on one of the best smartphones available in the market today.

As with most of the smartphone devices that have been launched in the recent years, one of the ways in which the Nokia Oxygen S can be procured is through the process of trade-in. Just like the first handset, the second one too, once bought, can be locked and activated so that it works on all the handsets that were previously purchased by previous owners. This was one of the biggest drawbacks of the first handset – users were unable to use their phones on any of the existing handsets. In fact, if a previous owner decided to sell his handset in order to buy a new one, he would need to remove the old handset and sell it off in a phone trade-in event in India. However, since the second handset was released in the market, this flaw has been fixed. OnePlus Nord 2

Since the original Nokia Oxygen S was released in the country in April 2021, it is safe to say that a lot of people in India have traded in their phones in the hope of obtaining the best price and the best deal. The second version, which was launched in October, was almost immediately successful in making heads turn in the Indian phone market. Since then, the Amazon dedicated phone store has seen phenomenal growth in its sales. The reason behind the phenomenal success of the second handset could be nothing but the Amazon affiliation that it enjoys.

The primary difference between the original Nokia Oxygen S and the OnePlus Nord 2 in terms of features and the software is that the former packs in a whole lot of features while the latter packs in more advanced features that are not available in its predecessor. One of the biggest differences is that the OnePlus Nord 2 has a native interface that is devoid of the Windows interface. This handset runs on android system and thus offers a smooth browsing experience on most of the android handsets that are currently available in the market. The software used for the same is Mediatek dimensity 1200-ai, which has been preinstalled in almost all the rooted android phones. This handset also offers users the facility of allowing a ‘favorites’ list that lets you customize your ringtone and enable voice dialing using a single button.

Apart from that, there is also an option of purchasing this phone from online stores at affordable prices. Several online stores have started offering this handset at very less prices and the best part about it is that many of them are also offering freebies like free sim cards and free minutes while making an application purchase. Thus, one can buy this handset at a discounted price from one of the online stores that are selling this handset or can buy one from one of the online mobile stores that are selling this phone at a much lower price.

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